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Hey! It’s Jennifer with Royal Empire Bernedoodles. As our business has developed from two poodles to such an amazing program, it is important to remember where we came from and why we breed. We’ve always wanted our puppies to connect and grow into the ideal family dog. For us, this meant additional socializing, training (and playtime), so these dogs are more than just pets. They are family. And we hope that the puppies are as close to you as they are to us.

With our social media pages, we wish to expand and engage with you. To see what has happened in our daily life throughout the six years since we began this program. We are reaching out to you as a family, and we hope you are able to connect with us because of that. Bernedoodles are so special to us; their personalities, uniqueness, and beauty are what draw us to them. Through our page, we hope to share that love that we have with you!

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